October 13, 2016

How the next face of Africa is kept safe depends on our differences of ideologies, presumptions, knowledge, direction, vision etc. Luo, would rather work on enhancing their transportation system. Our transport is based on statistic not system. That means roads, railways, airports etc are made to carry people and their goods from one location to another without considering technical know how. Camera is where our future is and even good we already have them working on our transport system however, they personally I think increases crimes, deaths, Robbing, etc because they are programmed. In another away, it say that we know e.g. traffic lights, distances between locations. That is no difference to locking up a camera on a tripod then downloading it on computers to know time and location it was taken from. That is the direction of auto cars and directories. In the history of this world their is only one I can remember that will do this perfectly - The Helena people. They where the only people to truely map our world and calculated depth, heights, and distance. When we think of a location we know there is a true response that directly affects us. Meaning, our transport system is going to know that the road we remember is not here because the dept has changed e.g. building, parks, games etc is now covering it or part of it. It also calculates when it rains or their are pot holes on the roads from its calculation not only that, it will also remember last accident e.g. criminal, attacks and map out for the next. The advantage with that is we would use less transport and connect our states on a simple and affordable way. Trust me, in only 20 years from now we would have already reached this technology.