​Africans businesses ideas that will put you ahead of the rest

February 20, 2017

Africans businesses ideas that will put you ahead of the rest

1: rabbit raring(the multiplies so fast and good for all seasons)
2: brick laying(Africans are changing their style of living. It is a good starting point into real estate)
3: soya bean planting(produces soy milk a replacement for animal yet has cheap method and less resources assuming you have plenty of land)
5: Banana fibre making( the resource is banana stems alway useless and cut to rod after the fruit is harvested. You make all things from banana fibre. if you are creative enough try rugs)
6: electrical retailing(soon you will afford your own sources renewables or innovate do not invent(I will have to write a block about it later))
7: water supply(drill bore hold or purify water from streams and rivers then supply the local homes or businesses)
7: poultry eggs(supply eggs you have more money than meat)
8: tailoring(soon you will own a textile)
9: plant fruity forest e.g quaver, mangoes, passions, lemon, apples soon you will own juice factory.
10: provide services e.g. Buss time table, flights, call centre(Use you mobile phone or connect a home phone instead of ISP), billing support(just information), tourism(your local area)