Africa weakness

August 26, 2016

To understand our weaknesses, we need to compare ourselves to central and North America. African jungles are full of researchers from countries all over the world because the state governments runs cheap governments. I mean $10,000,000 can bribe one and can blindly give the entire country any trigger moron do whatever they want in our continent without analyzing risks and consequences. I tell you this, no money(Million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, gazillion) not even a bank should have enough money to influence us but reasons should. This people are not going back because the other reasons could they are fleeing, are criminals in their own country/continent, want start their own next family empire, doing, illegal businesses. What we need to do is renegotiate terms with them. Employee professionals to handle those issues, let journalists in to document and police to investigate matters. The other primitive way of course to go into wars. I tell you, you have already lost that war. Other continents have powerful and strength weapons than we do but logic is powerful than any weapon you ever think the Acholi people say, "Rieko loyo kom tek". Meaning some time using your mind can solve all thing than using battle.