African Language fundamental

August 23, 2016

If there is one thing we all need to appreciate about God, then it is how created us same while on the same note created us different. We are talking about language. We differ from each other in terms of how we question our position on this planet against each other. The closer we originally together, we becomes same and so does the opposite. Our differences are also influence by temperature and Food - extreme cold and extreme hot and bitter, soar, and sweet food effects a lot. How doe this affect language then? Our tongue is the center for verbal speech. This creates favours ways we pronounce word specifically letters.


Home: Let's take it deeper. Letter H is opposed in other tribes for that reason, they alternatively chooses another whenever H is use at the beginning and rarely inside word. Other tribes choose K for H that makes Home becomes Kome. There are tribes that do not appreciate K therefore, they use R replacing first letter with Rome.

Meanings: Now, pronunciations are different from what the first tribe has pronounced. Entire meaning becomes totally different to all the three tribes.

home: is residential.

Kome: Refers to self, but not all tribes pronunciation sound same. Others might pronounce it Komi here we have another meaning.

Rome: Meaning enough for s/he, them etc. Same word also means a place of resident making it reversible. Here we have two different word closely having same meaning, but does place of resident means where I, you, she, he, they, them etc lives?

In the end, language has words, but what it carries with it makes a culture. Culture is an identity of group of people in a locality. With it comes living standard, society, Religion, technology, system etc. All people speak through sign, vision, hearing, touch etc.