February 26, 2017


Africa is a continent. It is in most cases refer to as the dark continent because of colour of the people, under development, and poor power supply and infrastructure throughout the continent. Africa by far is the least developed, has lowest rate of literacy is disease prone and the only continent that relies on support of other continent to help solve her problems.


Africa economy dependent on individualism for instance, subsistence agriculture, in adequate branding, systemisation and legalisation of businesses of the continent. African economy is also under performing compared to other continents because the continent have less super rich people who are ready to private big businesses to fuel the economy. Poor management, skill workers and low value currency also do affect Africa economy.


Africa is built on socialism-a shared value of all the people in a society. Societies are built by ethnic communities who then breaks in tribes, clans, lineages and families because of extended family system which still exist in the continent. Urban societies have better services compared to rural societies leading to imbalance category of people. It also means rural people are totally cut off from urban services for instance power supply, internet service, banking and better and quality jobs.


Africa has 54 and all state runs her own agenda meaning state build their state politic on a single state preposition without any help, consultation and interruption from another state.


Africa politic driven meaning security rely on politic of a state. Africans are not integrated to manage its internal issues properly leading to continue insecurities in the continent. Africa politic is also tribal and because there are many tribes in one state, this brings in insecurity from the players which easily get drawn into societies and fuel up along borders.


Africa has 5 regions and 7 islands namely east, west, central, north and south and Easirun, Souda, Norland, Infend, Anana, Elan, Era consecutively. Western and East African is home to the original Africans namely Bantu and Nilotic(Lwuor). North Africa is mainly foreign occupied because of its location and distance from the rest of the world. Europe, Asia, Arabia and Deism borders Africa at the North.


Different colours, tribes, foreigners and people of different continent present into a country/state, region or continent. Race is also culture, society, humanity entanglement. Consequences of race diffusion are deaths, war, and cultural dominion.


Black is original thought originate from Africa however, there are blacks people many where in the world e.g. amazon, Cambodia, Yemen and Mongolia.


Browns are generally in Arabia and Deism but they also found in America, Africa(Madagascar in particular) and Assia e.g. Phillipines.


They are the origin of Europe and Siberia together also known as Eura. They are also majorities and have occupied many parts for the world e.g. Atlantic and Pacific and has the power and super power of the world. They are innovative and do work based on time.


Yellow people where originally Korean. To day, they have spread around Asia and are found all over the world. We can also assume that Asia was once invaded and was originally once a yellow people original lands. In the history of our ancient, Africans where known to had migrated to Asia for milli purposes and use by superior colonies of the time.


African power is on the land and her ecology. The temperature of her is depending on region of the continent balance agriculture and natural resources creating employment.


Animal husbandry, forestry, water system, green lands, grass lands and islands of Africa perfects Africans ecology for human inhabitation.


Group of people, race, colour and nationalities living together under same government and system. There are so far three major African tribes i.e. Nuba, Nilotic and Bantu. Intermarriages between them and foreigners brought in tribes like Afro-Asiatic(Africans, Europe and Asians), Somali(Harmrun, Deism, and Arabs), Egyptians(Secondary Nubians, Arabs and Italians). Egypt is an interesting country because all inferior people from Arabia, Deism and Europe run to show their superiority.


Nubians from about 10,000 BC to 15,000 BC where large in term of population covering from Libya, Egypt, and Sudan and partly Ethiopia but now they are reduced to their place of origin Nuba. Nuba most famous monument is Nuba Mountains which have been in their history and a thing remembered with them for many centuries.


The name Nilotic came from the name River Nile because they were believed to have been following River Nile.


They are believed to have migrated from central Africa to the rest of Africa.


People coming from different countries and continents for work, school, escaping competition or war.


Known pasts of Africa and Africans


Scientifically, Africans are confirmed to have evolved from animal sub classes of Eps but cultural and historically Africa is evident and factually found to be black human subclass however, Africa had humans from other continent and colour from the beginning of human beginning.


African history is of wars, tribal conflicts, backwardness and abundance in her natural habitat and minerals.


There are many cultures and they varies from Northern to Southern Africa.