Africa systemisation

March 7, 2017

If Africa copied the rest of the world it will face challenges e.g. infrastructure, connectivity, language, culture etc and if they work on what makes them fall behind it will drag behind more because innovation revolution of industry, society etc takes time and resources. Imagine Africa decided to just think Agriculture as the only way to survive, rise, enrich, equalize and transform to surpass all other continents. It will make sense one, Africa has lower population and large unused land and suitable temperature. Agriculture of course is diverse e.g. crop growing, fishery, animals husbandry, forestry, wild life, etc. All continents does farming and it is the biggest contributor to their economy. In general developed countries have agriculture absolutely good many be the top five performing industry in their continents or countries so for Africa to out perform them, it requires extreme commitment and devotion of time and resources. Africa have a fair advantage at least compare to them because land is expensive in the developed world hence farmers remain same people, land requires fertilizer because over use and repeated use, temperature either too hot or too cold for animals or crops hence they spend so much in electricity and physical infrastructure. Agriculture provides current generation income, businesses etc while arming the young with knowledge to improves agriculture at schools draws their attention to agriculture as powerful sources of their continent economy and security power.

A system also means supply, distribution, marketing, information and interaction platform continent wide. What crops, animals and types of trees which country has exposes them to large sale and cooperating with similar mind on the side of continent. Also if one produces fruits and their is one that manufacture juice then the two has a collaboration. Agriculture also has other factors like disease and using the temperature appropriately to prevent low yield and encourage production. So if all the 54 government put agriculture at the top of their agenda gradually it will become agricultural powerhouse of the world. Agriculture real advantage is raising the bottom people to meet the high achievers of the continent hence improving the continent drastically.