Africa Innovate

September 2, 2016

Innovation is refining available materials into usable products. Do not mix it with development because development is about human standards e.g. social organisations, culture, living, health etc. When you innovate, you need a double care because resources around us are what are naturally made for our survivals. We do not compete with our environment but rather benefit from and share from each other. Innovation posts thread and attract outsider. In about 1700 BC based on ecology, Sudan held capital of Africa. Rivalry kicked in from all Corners of the continent. Many men came in at speed making it nick named Te Atum Gero Ngom. Central Africa gained the most and they continued to maintain their reason and held such power for centuries. Madagascar was the trade center and called Anyongo. Primitiveness encouraged declined in technology advancement leading to lost of many lives at sea and making it a Apungo state. Having said the above makes me feel so old while the evident is so clear in our faces. Are regaining by thinking chiege ways!?