Africa against the 3 other continents

August 26, 2016

Believed me or not, there are four(4) continents of originals that have upto date maintain their fight against supremacy of their territory, control their culture, have their religion and that is Europe, Siberia, Asia and Africa. The others have limited power on their land, culture, security, people just name them. For Africa to compete with them, first we need to know what they have, how they develop it, where they are now and then etc. Europe and Siberia is what I call the white continent, Asia is of course of Asians and Africa for African. The white continent have been playing smart because they are able to accept imperial, supremacy, cultural failed leader i.e. if one of them seem to provide what is necessary at the time, they all fall behind and follow that eliminate death while keep them growing especially the white continent. That is also one of the reasons why their power and authority can be seen globally. As and African, I don't wanna be a global player rather an African player wherever i am and in whatever I do. In the old days it was call African Spirit now it is becoming a PAN which is also a good thing personally. How then do we compete with these people. Some of the reasons are above, but ideally we just need cooperation with them in other words please do understand us and respect our values and so we will do it unto you.