Social Cohesion Pending



  1. A Lion killed a Baboon and saved her child.
    1. Keeping for next meal.
    2. Too small for a meal now.
    3. Kid life does not affect any species they are in.
  2. Group of Baboons united against an Anaconda killing one of them therefore saved him.
    1. Anaconda should plant plans to eat fruits, leaves, roots, stem, or seedling
    2. Leave us alone and go kill other breed!
    3. We are strong and are able to defend and protect each other if we remain many and united.
  3. Bufalo is locked up in a battle for his life with a Lion. Both were badly wounded hence both lives lived
    1. Had won my life back and can live at least for now and is likely not dying from him again
    2. I missed a meal. I need to heal fast or have a long ride into hanger and I am likely to die of it.
    3. We are both strong. I think he is likely to die and give me my freedom into the wild.


    1. Congratulator: You are likely to join either of them and remain a danger to another
    2. righteousness: Wrong way of defence and protection because you have expose the few and small bodied into extinction.
    3. Luma: Any one else?
    4. Outsider: Take a glance at all the above problems and whose answer would you used and provide your single own answer to all of them.

Posted: November 15, 2016


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