December 9, 2016

The fall of Romans came about in the 1914-1927 during time of changes from religion to culture. Religion was starting to get boring and

monotonous. The populace gotten creative and started adventure into culture because religion was pro people however kind of nice and challenging hence many people decided to through punches on each other. There came the Rwodi, chiefs, kings, Kabaka, elders and Okirwanga. It was and could had been depletion and lack of many things. Here we are 100 years after realistically allied. The true cause of religion was also the believe in single supreme God because many disagreed and thought there is a supreme being, there is also an opposition. Many religions were formed e.g. Mormon, Protestants and the oligarch and orthodoxy. They all had the most stiff competitions. In less than 70 years later, religions dropped again because of industry revolution disruptions. Where next, religion, industry revolution, revelation or rebellion?