Lokang Jackson December 6, 2016

The choices we choose are going to affects, end us, move us forward and create climate which brings is a sign of Neutrality. Globalisation is coming back however, this time it is governmental so strong that they might bring Lwuor down. Am going to tell you that that is not going to happen in anyway. What we need to do is plan before hand and make sure because they are here, so there shall we be. We are going to have our eyes on them at least it sounds like a silly ideas but, it is our highest work of confidents and commitments to alliances and partners to double our effort on the global state. We are not going out, I repeat, we are not going out because we staying and change their system to fixate us for externality. Lwuor is typical African and we won't allow any foreigners to usher in and murder us to reduce our population and create us starvations and calamity. The truth is lwuor is none of any and is all of them excluding populist, capitalist, neologism, etc. Most of all we are be friended as remain alliance of alliances. Merry christmasy everyone.

Lokang Jackson December 4, 2016

There are so many ways to look at nilotic people of Africa. The easy way for us all to understand and know is to date back to history of Africa of then. Africa has two main ethnic majorities Nilotic and Bantu to name them. All originally immigrated from DRC - ACWER of Africa as had been nirated, told, documented and remembered. Forget that there are millions Africans inside and outside Africa today, but remember that there was a mother and father, one or two or handful of Africa at its initial. These were family of some sort or whatever cross your mind and out of them came the many including you(sorry for those who are not but reading). The world might have existed well before these freaks, but because of the best that they were came the good that existed today. If nothing to appreciate at your immediate or surrounding, you have you and the ones around you. Two people culture equates to misrable life style, but people obsorbs the best and some time the worst of each other hence the rebirths of cultures that merges and transfromed to that has become the Africa of today. Try your best to tell yourself what tourism industry long to tell the tourists. Don't you think what you told is going to be told at some destination anyways? Then some how in our right mind we could conclude that other people had told theirs too and that added to what is now the African culture. Do not forget that Africa is so large that if you have to travel through it, you will think, obsorb, learn, or see so much that your mind or perception changes at the end of it all or you might mindfully become a different person all together. The major problems that the freaks face is the logical missunderstanding of each other and could be our ability to do that we do or pasts that are told in ways that hinder the goods in them. Have you thought why some are farmers, fisherman, hunters? If you haven't, why not take a strol and ask them why they are so? The other great way to look at ethnicity, tribes, clans or lineage is the way they are formed. Evidence tells us that it is either war, search(water, food, knowledge, people, answers) or just rivalry e.g. Labongo and Nyipir. Either Nilotic or Bantu, there failure is in strengthing their weaknesses for all that it is and were.

Nilotic and Bantu shall never be one because majority of them are in the west and Nilotic are in the East. For this reasons we need to renegotiate our terms of competitions because we really will not sit on same table and discuss things without chaos. Luo and Ateker verse Abantu and Santu African wide to bring up the renewal to AUGFAGCAG. Thank you and be blessed.

Lokang Jackson December 4, 2016

Why does it happen only in hundred or fifty years for Luo to remind their neighbours about unification of their neighbours and Africans at large. There is one tribe in Africa that had out numbered the both Bantu and Nilotic on how many Heroes they had made. The winners of all wars between them and Europeans and and where the second to arrive Souda. The Hokies remain winning power of Africa. They are closely link to the Locwuech people of North Africa. Can the rest of Africa catch up the this freaks because it is so African that none of the people on the planet will ever get Africa again.

Lokang Jackson December 4, 2016

The future of flight has gone biome. Don't believe in Drones for transportation and logistics purposes because Biome will do them. Imagine Kangaroo and Turuk flying in the future.

Lokang Jackson December 4, 2016

If question be asked, who are the Arabs? Are they from Arabia or from America? The truth about Arabs are they are invasive, respect anything including Noodles, the world primitive people, arrogant and smelly people. What is it that you think exist down that is up? Faget! I personally hate the Arabs because they are also incompetent to solving world problems. You cannot make your backyard a battle field for centuries and believe their is a supremacy existing anywhere one day will come and help you out. It is you to fix your problems. Deism and Asians are the closest people to Arabs I think but they are socially cohesive and are peace orient. Why are Arabs worrying about unknown when they are faced with real problems at hand and who do they believe is going to come help them if they cannot. I am an African, if you cannot solve your problem don't you think coming to egypt, Morocco, Niger will help solve your problems because we will smoke you again too.

Lokang Jackson December 4, 2016

Albinism remains a challenge to Africa because we remains with our potatoes and building pots. Time is coming soon for us to enter battles of the originals e.g. White, blacks, Yellow and Brown. I assure you for the first time in the history of this world, we will knock or at least pay back any wrong done against. Enough had been repeated so listening had not paid back off. Laddies and gentlemen, let us get innovative and

Lokang Jackson December 4, 2016

President and founder of Federal African Government

Lendu is one of the finest tribes in Bungui state of Africa bordering Bidude, Liquadi, Tanzania, Burundi, Lowa, CAR and DRC. Lendu are few in number however, they are super pro Luo for this reason, they continue to work with us and so are we backing each others. Luo do not deviate from their society because anyone who do gets social isolation and falls against rules of the community. We survived over and again because of the strength of each and so we will continue to do so. There were many of them who failed over the millenniums because they refuse to read-the Governing rules and guides of their time hence they entered situation and bearable and could lead to end of them however, we have kach(vamesh)-cultural meditation. Looking and being present in both our pasts and future at current time.

We all remember when General Okello of Southern Luo knocked off the Arabs and uplifted Western Luo to the throne; we all remember when same Southern Luo were helped by western Luo Knock off Ateker and installed Abantu; We all remember when we reminded Western Luo they are failing us and broke their unification with the Abuntu and brought in Ateker-our ancient alliance. Do not forget my people those things are real and happened and they are not just words but they represent us and our people. Respect, Obey, Follow and be a formidable Luo so shall we withstand all conditions and out time problems and stay together. We are forever Luo and there shall be no one to stop that. Lets do it!

Lokang Jackson December 4, 2016

Computer governingWe all have to work at our finest to knock off capitalism, authoritarian and populism to bring human power run all things around

us. No body, I mean not single human being should decide, design, give and solve every of our problems. We should have free choices, ve

rsions, reasons to our doings. Imagine a situation where you live a continent away yet is able to connect in your relationship. Don't all of us have to know who decides our fate not just also who controls it. Do not blame politicians as a career however, blame politic as system. Now we have all capabilities to run governments system wise. Imagine Leaving in Atlantic and employed and physically working in Pacific. It is 100% possible to do so as I write this however, you and me have to nip pressures for us to enter the COMPUTER GOVERNMENT.

Lokang Jackson December 4, 2016

Our intelligence, logic, and natural important of this world is in our organs. Loosing one of the five sense organ means loosing our functionality. Illusion of deformation is horrific consequences of doubting knowledge behind our understanding. It is true, our sensors are stronger forward and weak backwards however, our front is attack often then any part of our body. We do not have vision behind us to enhance its functionality neither do we enhance our front to weaken our back. Whichever way you view it, the end result is, let nature take its cause.

Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016

We tried to finish our work in ninety weeks to keep up with the pressure but it there comes hindrance to our works.

We decided we extend to exactly 100 weeks to perfect functionalities and bring forth best of performance. We already finished nin

ety weeks and just left with ten to finish our work. We are with AI, IA, AiiA or iAAi and will knock off our work in just ten weeks from the day we started which we will not let you know because of security, personal demand and fulfilment.