Lokang Jackson December 17, 2016

Have you imagine a person promising everything you do not have now and you will have later? That is the trues sources or false world and it is disastrous cause in life. Everyone in this world has a condition that hinders them from achieving or have burden in archiving. If I have so do you so why then say mine is good and yours is worse. People, country, regions who do not loose their principles, self worth and direction has the lowest chance of loosing to others because they trust, believe, share information, and work team.

Lokang Jackson December 16, 2016

There are real (practical) rules and virtual rules. The difference is framework-parmanency or concrete standards. Rules are makable e.g. policy, constitutions etc however, you can never bringdown bridge, ten commandments, culture because the originals are true and to make a concrete different, you are going to break down the entire set up and reengineer the whole thing from scratch and man! just imagine how much traffic, chaos, business break down etc you will bring to the society.


Internal competition has no different to colonisation. Asking me to come to my house posses danger, threat, and could result into deaths, conflict etc but let us meet at the parliament, coffee place, eating place, discussion rooms etc to discuss about our business etc gives us the freedom to think freely and create a healthy and progressive competitions.


The only way Europeans can help Africa is to meet them at African Federal Government house in Dodoma because then you have real problems to deal with and they are matured problems but coming into our communities with your NGOs and thinking you are coming to help us just make us think of our pasts harmful moments.

I am a western elite and I leave in Pacific hence white people should know I am going to compete with you as any other white person you know and I will always be open to point of views. Pacific people are going to own their opinion on Atlantic and because they too are immigrant continent, they are no different to us and have nothing to think we owe them a thing.

Abantu and Santu cannot be either Nilotic nor luo it makes both of us know that the only effective way we can compete is in Addis ababa because that is were union and regional governments had gone for discussions for the last 50 years. It is logically primitive to think competing has to come from inside Liquadi because it is new state etc e.g. South Sudan style just reminds us of the dirty things that had happened before us all. Acholi inside Liquadi cannot say we must rule Eastern Equatoria or Torit to say the least because they out number or have better potential for development than we do but we would meet in Kitgum for government issues. In the past we had foster relationships with Santu and Abantu and worked with as early as the 19th century so really nothing should stop from doing continuing doing it now.


We should allow ourselves into talking things out however creates an environments where my life is exactly as important to you as it is to me. We cannot be friends, alliances, governments when we are using positive to us while negative to them short of rules. It is sickening and we will continue to die if truth be said. We give them freedom as have we and allow them to expand as we are. My dream was to get etc now I have to power, strength to do so hence, I could take over all things and wipe all all my problems is just one way of misunderstanding and having big heart of self thinking.


I am you enemy and so does my friends, alliances, family and people hence I am to you as you are to me.

Lokang Jackson December 15, 2016

To close to an entire new beginning or spread through out, there is an immense struggles for an entire reasons to complete. Formulae help us draw closer to finish line to accomplish our targets. We have new introduce four ways to help reduce and strip out ambiguities from our system namely Gamire, Achiler, Sovent, and Harnant.

Lokang Jackson December 14, 2016

The illusionary understanding of peace is staying free from life threatening threatening environment, people, culture etc. True peace is constant work on things that threatens us e.g. development, climate, power etc. If our biggest and thing that yields and improves our living standard is irrigation system, loosing it exposes us to dangerously threatening situation however, all of us focusing on irrigation and depending on it as a system that keeps all situations creates loophole for our opponents to just witch or knock us out. Excepting anything because your condition is worse than the others while you know causes problem also threaten live of people. Over development of course creates deflation or inflation either way is bad to the social living standards of the people. In few words, always keep on eye for anything coming next and be free to share with the populace. We started off at fighting wars, but I personally feels we are getting back at war because we now all think we have everything and are totally feeling relaxed and free. Please revisit our past to compare now for the next world.

Lokang Jackson December 14, 2016

We are adding our last project for liquadi-Database of Liquadi state. The first is running smoothly just to let you-Luo people know and we are nearing to a start of LRA. You do need to know that data is everything e.g. electricity consumption, usage, access and frequency, population, access to people legally, knowing who is in and who is out of the country, history of events taking place. Do not take it simple information is key to development, culture, society and most of all keeping peace. We are not going to give you-the people of liquadi data or create you a database however, I think we will start from upgrading systems we already have e.g. Governments, Ministries, Monetary circulation, institutions, cultures and local leaders base on their place of stay. These way, we will improve living standard of the people and encourage smooth and peace orient ecology for the people and their environment. This is how we decide to do, how would you want it be done?

Lokang Jackson December 14, 2016

Why I hate secrets

A big percentage of our work is explaining secret bringing or enhancing backwardness. We have accumulate enough hate and plenty name callings however, those we thought through it know we have a point.

Causes and sources

Enmity, competitors, superiority and illusive percentage of people in a society causes and are sources of secrets but the real causes and sources of secrets are misconnection and conception of the impact on ourselves and the others we do plan on. A secretive person thinks they have the power to push their ideas and forward their problems to the society so their problem get solve and it leaves them free but sources and causes of problem evolves and always comes back to where it started.


My friend who happened to be from the opponent world was pissed off because of me and the only thing they knows about me is I personally hates secret news about secret women or men hence they told him my cousin-a cousin a like more than any person in my family or even tribe has a secret. Sad, because I also got pissed off a friend who I depends on was feeling down. Now, they had to a peace me hence they told my friend, his sister also has a secret child with their opponent(between Italian and French, I naturally like french people however, I am Italian educated so I am culturally attached to Italians). The problem escalated and later my friend who I thought like secret, to my dismay I found he actually secretly hates it more than me if it is done on people. The problem continued until one day he came and said, "I lost my Mom and my Dad is in a critical condition". I immediately knew about it as much as I writes about secrets. Later, the guy who was standing with me also said his sister is dad.


Death, job, employment, criminality, anguish, war and so many critical problems creeps in societies. The negative things about it is, it is either true because of revenge, outsmarting, learning, and expansion of our reach and knowledge about a place or situation.


A woman was running a retail business in the suburb I leave in, later, there was an Indian woman who also started same business however her business was booming. The white woman decided to incriminate her by planting drugs in her house and calling police that her neighbour is a business woman however she things she is selling drugs. Worse of, they found the drug and the woman went to jail but the Indian woman's daughter was married to a white man. They found out the problems and later I show the woman's business dwindled. I assume, she also got hook up by the police or family of the Indian woman.


Please, listen and i mean pay your fullest attention to secret preaching. it is real and it affect either way. Next time you know about a secret problem in your community, do tell them to stop because if you don't you will loose your own as a consequence of it or they both loose hence problem continues. No body like to be hurt or laugh about so are you.

Lokang Jackson December 14, 2016

Can you imagine a time in history when we all had everything as a one ou(10)? The world was at one time easily made so e.g. governments, alliances, Geolocation, fingers and toes. Do you know there are ten lines insideeach of our hands? We could also say every five things in biome in total additionally are ten. We could also conclude thing we do not know in and on our bodies are bound into multiple of ten e.g. hair, nerves, cells, muscles, pours on our skins etc. These makes me solvent worthy asks our past design of things e.g. time in a day, days in a week, weeks, in a year etc. This are not science in all means but they are realistic creative nature of our planet earth(s) e.g Biome e.g. animals, plants, fishes etc and Abiotic e.g. feelings, thinking, energy etc. Really, the question we should all ask ourselves is, do we believe in the things we know or we factually had confirm them as truth?

Lokang Jackson December 13, 2016

ObibiBunga: Bunga is both a good place and bad place at same or different time. Good things are that it is diverse, free, peaceful, has abundance etc that can sustain, feed, heal etc us; bad things are that it has dangerous wild things e.g. those that bite, scratch, kill, eat, destroy etc. The worst/good thing in bunga is beast of beasts(luma) of it. There are measures in place to to keep beasts and beasts of beasts safe, busy Our body too do lwi because we have to many things that are stronger, harder, sharper etc than our body e.g. wood, stones, okuto etc. Try keeping cua in your mouth for at 12 hours while your mouth is closed. After that time, all the softies in your mouth will peel off(adakdak ware, pronounced, a ndak ndak). Some how in your mind try to imagine that our inner body system is not meant to resist what happen on us externally. I just blame it on our enzyme limitation. They could have acted strongly, multiplied in numbers etc to do what they are made to do to counter the burden.

Borrowing ideas: In about 1900-19... Europe experience some its earnest, time in her history. Some Eastern Luo especially in SEL calls it lost of the beast(s) meaning the people went against their instinct, direction, fail to act according their standard at the time, poor response and so much dependent on inferiority ideology. When that happen, they most time go on defense to counter the worst future - teach a lesson of what is to come in the future. One example of that was Adolf Hitler. He invaded most or all of Eastern and beyond Europe. The most to receive such is of course the weaker country in south of Germany(Munic) which became his base for a while then advanced to other countries including Russia. If that happen, their is what we call majority rule. That made it easy for the Mighty Pence. It was easy for Winston to convince the world that he was a bad man of Europe hence they must all unite and teach him their version of lesson. Not only did the world accept that, but the Germany themselves also welcomed such idea. Even to day, just do a Hitler stuff in Germany, you get an audience of demonstration marching in streets. History today tells us that he varnished(I still don't know where exactly). That should tell us that the beast(s) is the owner of his jungle because he knows it like the back of his hand.

Lokang Jackson December 13, 2016

LwuorIf there is a better time in our culture, history, knowledge, happiness etc, it is this century, millennium, month, week, and day but, looking back our past do remind us of where we had. Because of that, we are bound by our people, future to move to the next world of biome and abiotic smoothly with harmony, peace, love and formidable developments. There will always be problems, our families, friends, alliances and relationship are bound be an easy rule "there pains, anguish, and troubles will affect us psychologically, mentally, socially, Innovatively and ethically" hence we fight for them as they are for us.

Lokang Jackson December 10, 2016

We are all about to run out and reading all over. It is dangerous because we will loose in our home ground or our friend home. Composition is introduce for three systems to compete going head to head while being productive, healthy, pure, real, none threatening and creates development. It is supper dangerous compare to any other we have yet tried before. We will all pick up a thing, an area or physical location and try to pay all attention to it engaging all alliances while also keeping an eye in our own homes.


Scenario: Developing central Africa

We all know central Africa republic is in a turmoil yet Kenya, the Beacon of Africa is leading in commercial activities e.g. clean city, good infrastructure; Tanzania for the first time in half a century has bounced back as leader of Africa meaning they are where they were during their independent-respect the foreigners while owning your own home(more on Lwuor); Uganda the land of wars, have experience in war probably is now first on the list of African war monger country. The real problem in central African republic are under development, bad infrastructure, bad security, bad governance, primitive government and chaotic system-a thing we many African have. Uganda who have so far been making wars can help bring peace, Kenya an African commercial and economical giant can man down poverty and create development, and Tanzania can bring back the spirit of the people and government in central African republic.


We will be engaged Africa wide, make friends Africa wide, solve our problems Africa wide, reduce corruption and wars Africa wide because we are now working as brothers and sisters-a thing done just half a century ago.


There are things about foreigners, running from competition from their homeland, helping their alliances, doing businesses, naturally like certain culture and society and just want to correlate and do business with them. We cannot wait for them or depend entirely on them. Just imagine they too are going through our problem on their continent, we now have to wait till they finish theirs then come solve ours. I let you decide on those things.


Africa is Governmental meaning every state is lead by a union, federal, or central government e.g. Tanganyika, Sudan(Khartoum government runs Khordofan, South Sudan because both are still bound by their peace agreement legally, Darfur, and Omdurman), and many of the African states. To day it is difficult to know who is leading who but at least we have either of the three and many of them are opposing-they too are running their own government. The difficult to understand is the difference between opposition and governments because they are in many ways enmity run meaning you have to be extremely negative to other to pass or gain support. We now have to work on states and fix their problems while the other copy. In another way, all form of governments deal with a single state at a time while local leaders of a state deals with a single county, district, region etc.

Note: Just an idea for now.