Lokang Jackson July 9, 2016

Nyango: Past time or time in a history is called nyango. It somehow happens to be a time that catches many people still sleeping. They mostly asked from the others or consult their watches to find out when is it in the day. For this reason, Nyango is always a missed time but confirmed later in the day.

diceng/dieceng: Transitively, this is mid day 12:00pm. Remember that modern time is measured using clocks, watch on our wrists, phones etc. Traditionally, time was measured by shadow. When shadow aligned to us, we become in the middle of the the sun, it is also a time you are able to see sun a full length, colour, strength etc. It is also however a time people need to rush work because things could get darker, emergencies could come in leaving an finished work extending work to future days. Bad for the society hence let's beat the sun.

otieno: Do you know that the sun have stripes in the afternoon? It is because of its rays and changes in direction and distance of its rays stretches pointing towards or away from us. It looks as though a crushed object and objects powering out of it elusively.

Obwora: When the sun is going down, you do not see it especially when you are living on the eastern side of a undulation. You only see the rays coming out of it hence we call that Obwore. The funny thing though is it happen everyday of the year excluding cloudy days.

Wuor: We have nothing but rather have fear and be mindful of the beasts of the night. Remember that Beasts are things that eats, killed, threatens, invades etc a home people, villages etc. Owuor things are lions, hyena, snakes etc.

P.S: There are things that do not add up for me with modern time based locations, size of Earth, distances on earth from one country to the other etc. What do we measure on the clock that exists on earth, why is it important that the differences between those time are respected. Where do they come from. Take bottom south, top North, West and North does not add up. Actually what is time itself in our daily lives and things around us?

Lokang Jackson July 8, 2016

03/05/2016, we lost one Oryema known famously as Bye Bye. Bye Bye is a South Sudanese. During the war he lived in Khartoum and worked there for years. He then transfer to Ethiopia and finally to Australia. His was the exemplary person for near all generation from as far as 1970 to date. He was an educator, scientist, religious and most of all understand social set of human more than any body I know within and outside all people around me. He is my cousin in reality, but he was the man that I and all the others we thought to step up and work hard to become the like of him. He was ordinary but swift, complex, but calmly close to every one. Because of that he managed to finish his study and graduate with a degree in health science. Though he is religious, he is one of the scientist who believes and disagree with scientist who thinks they know God and therefore challenge and criticise Him. In a short time of living in Australia, he has achieved a lot.

My entire life I have not seen him and I sang about that and asked anybody I know where he is. God willingly, I meet him, greeted him, drove him in my car, talked with him, discussed and a lot more. It is all gone now and a huge gap is left for all of us to fight win. Not easy as it sound rather difficult and takes time to accomplish.

Okello, We shall always miss you.

Lokang Jackson July 8, 2016

HISTORICAL: Historical names are for both future and pasts. We need to remember what happened our lives not keeping them in our memory only but also have them in front of us to remind us of our future. They also are used as warning for the next people that will follow. Growth in human life circle is a process that goes through changes, takes time etc

  1. Women(MON)
    1. Anyaka(girl): Historically, it is believe that a person of a female gender yields on entry or when they reach adulthood. Anyaka is an a female adolescence an age between young and old. I don't really know what is nyak of them but I might have to visit the elders for inquiry on that one. In case you know just post a comment.
    2. Dako(Woman): In the old days, especially Kingdom times, women where less considered because when they reach this stage of life, they have a decision to make. Some history said that women made choices as far as moving to a man into enemy territory. When this happened, it creates fear because they are likely to expose your strength the enemy or an enemy can use her to acquire knowledge about your kingdom. Not only that, when the marriage do not work and they return home with children call Okeyo, they are likely to take over a kingdom. So, people prefer to have boys those days rather than woman because they dak away
  2. Man
    1. Awobi(boy): This is the age where a son starts hunting, gathering, copying doing of his parents. They also start start hunting for not only wild but also women and that is most time a night work. They are assumed to be around their parents working, afraid to be caught by others when the sun is up.
    2. Cuo/cwo(men): Men a naturally assumed to take care hence the responsibility of protection lies in their hand. They need to wake up early, often etc to guide their people, family, animals etc. They also need to wake up early to wake up the boys for their duties hence cwo today, tomorrow ... everyday.

CULTURAL: As we all know it, culture is how we set up our societies based on understanding of time. It can change, evolve or even transform to something else. There are things that are available to a culture only once or only in a particular society. They could be the most ultimate needs, lack of, quest for, luck or inquiry to something.

  1. OKENGY or OKENGYI/AYAA: This names are given because the children are considered luck. Imagine a situation where both family wants a boy(s) or girl(s), but the reality is they get only the opposite. But there comes a time when they have given up that hop and here comes one of their choice out off all that are available yet not needed.
  3. ADIE or ADYE: In Luo, to be a first or last child is a eminent, but risky because of lack of experience of parents to cater for their child, provide all necessary needs even afford them. The last child is always special because its like saying good bye and entry into new life style. In another way, that is the child who will take care of the parents because the rest would have become independent or the experience with them becomes horrible so now there is a change to teach this the reverse.

DESCRIPTIVE: This are names that tells an events or happening at certain time in a life circle of the parents, family, relatives etc.

  1. OYO/AYO: Directly in one word, this is called Travel. They are children born when the family is in the process of either relocating, traveling, fleeing etc from their home, country, continent etc to another and a that child is born.
  2. ALUM/OLUM: In English if he is a boy is call BUSH. This child is born a way from home during the time of hunting, farming etc.

Lokang Jackson July 7, 2016

Bunga: Instead of thinking up high, lets create a planet right here on earth. The thinking associated with this planet or piece of land is that once had BUNGA, but the people were few in numbers because of several reasons, their numbers is now high in terms of population and caused or about to cause land degradation e.g. trees absent, soil erosion, water shortage, scarcities of food (fruits or animals). Now, I’m (you or anyone reading now) a member of this community (ies) or leader for that matter wanting to restore BUNGA back to its originality. Generally, I would try to think that major problems today in this societies or communities could be electricity, food, and unity. Luo in the past lives on the wild for food, electricity etc. We do not need to collate subjects/problems/issues on these matters no more, but rather solve the outlay of it all. Then, we need communities to have centers. Imagine having a community of hundred or more families with thousands or million people and all have a center. Definitely, there wouldn’t be those who would afford their basic needs and those are not our concern. We want to tackle those that cannot afford their basic needs at this time. Build community centers that solve most public problems equip with modern technologies e.g. dining, laundry, kitchen, storage etc. and use means like solar, generators etc to power them. Now we can put laws and regulation to restrict human destructions on environments including hunting for numbers of years. What do you hope to see? Me I see a moderate BUNGA restoration and all animals back in them. Let’s also think that by the time we finish and are happy with with our work, other colonies have already left deep into space. Then we just go get their land and do same thing or follow them wherever they went. Now I hope that does not make us be left behind in the trend of people growth.

Hiving: Hives are artificial houses of bees. Human makes hives for bees for many reaons e.g. honey, pollination, job, and increase number of bees and bring in new breeds, but bees too just hive into grounds holes, ant hills holes, and trees. To have many bees, you need lots of Things(trees, sorghum, corne flowers) to attract bees. You could also try to build as many hives as you can then when it is about to get full, or it is full you transfer the already about to or already full hive to replace with empty so that the working bees can start on the new hive and the transfered bees continues on the old hive. Bees are smart little insects that means they will know what you have done. What about human? well, we will full them by building same looking hives and put them too close to each other that they will know what happen but will not care what they do in either of them.

Transportation: What happens when this communities are all set up, but there is no communication amongst them? well, you either get one or build one. For this technology is simple to build. Just get a strong strings across from a point A to B (mountains, Trees, Rivers etc.). Tie and object that may transport people, information, or produce one string and another on the other string. The release both at the same while one on the hilly side and the other on lower altitude. The one traveling up and down must have more weight than the opposite. This is the general picture, but you now have to deal with breakings and speeds.

Solar System: there is no real electricity I have ever seen, but I can assume that we have all this resources lying right in our back yards. Kongo Atona flames, and bee wax melts right? Then this also means that if you can solidify bee wax and then deep a peace of cloth in Kongo Atona, then we should have enough electricity lighten our rooms, roads, houses, schools, etc.

  • metalisation
  • fuel
  • Aforestation
  • communications

Lokang Jackson July 1, 2016

Let's imagine as an undulation(Alung Tur) for a while. As we think about that, let's also try to imagine its formations, deformations, flatting, rising, etc. It is true however that undulation is never fix because it crows, decays, breaks, joins, falls, etc and are also affected by factors like rain, water, water current, wind, fire, age of growth of living organism e.g trees, head, cold etc. To keep it growing, we need to make sure it is always green meaning eliminating factors that affects it e.g. wind sweeping away fallen leaves which could accumulate to form soil, fire burning top manure and heating the ground. Head in the ground is a good thing because it creates cracks which can be filed with sands, rain water hence closing the cracks to form soil. We also need to remember that there are certain grass e.g. tuff grass, leaves like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc. The cover whatever is below them and hold the ones on top of it. What we might try to think of flatting it is removing every stone(hard object) and leaving only soil e.g. sand. They will just be wash away those affecting factors that might also explain why tunneling is so dangerous e.g. mining. It causes lives, it is costly experiment and wasteful.


Lokang Jackson July 1, 2016

If we could all ask these questions, how are we going to make the oceans, lakes, and seas in our region for sport, economical activities? How can we engage ourselves in bringing and restoring Libya, and bring speedy development to all East African countries? How can we make our cities into working place and bunga into a holiday home? How can interact with the rest of east African countries like Egypt, Mozambique, Madagascar? How can we make single East African education system, economical, security etc? How can we understand East African cultures? How can we work in Far north e.g Libya and still live in far South Mozambique? What is that make the rest of African regions different to us? We will come up with and self reliance, strong systems, increase collaboration and expand so quickly and ease social, economical, security, education, agriculture and etc of our community far and beyond our imagination. After saying all that, the question still remain how can we...?

Lokang Jackson July 1, 2016

Most if not all languages in the world are tonal that just means one word spelled same with lots of meanings in their pronunciation, interpretations, and spellings e.g. mega means ownership in Luo but it means quantity in other languages including English. Luo 2.0 will bring to life Jwuor, awuor, and lwuor languages. These three languages have works done about them in wide area and in more detail. They are not just translated and interpreted, but they also means reality in real world. Language is not just what we speak but also what we do e.g. body language, sign posts, symbols etc. Our creativity can can bring in changes that confuse; introduce new things into our languages; formulate; transform etc things we know and don't know. Linguistic people find it easy to settle, migrate, work, and be friend others.


Lokang Jackson June 25, 2016

As any government, Luo government need to have reasons, ideas, concept etc of governing Luo because Luo are sparsely divided through out the entire East Africa region. East Africa region is the largest region in Africa by far because of countries like Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius etc. These can become a problem because if available resources from the people and the Government. Emergency, special needs, argent circumstances will not be attended to in time. This now call for government to think beyond the current political, social, economical etc systems. The government needs to think more of response and awareness to her people than leading because people concerns are what they leads anyway. There are so many orgainisations in East Africa that do the above mentioned particularly at state level, but most are stuck in past centuries thinking logic and are not so dynamic in ways they solve their problems. Those, we will not join! We need to think more however on how we change our parties concepts. They are too many/less and need to attend to individuals not groups or class of people. They need to know names of all their people, villages, activities strength, weaknesses, events etc. That means their is at some point going to be cross state orgainisations, memberships, participants, allies, friends etc.


Lokang Jackson June 10, 2016

if things has a start, then it is initiated at two and accumulate to its final quantity. Every beginning has an end and reversible. End is determined by speed of progress, quantity, accessibility etc. Things tends to go faster at the beginning and slower at the end however, the opposite is also true. End is also standardized by number, place, color, normalcy etc. If Acaki is two at it's initial then, there is need for us to differentiate from quantity. Two(2) as a number is quantity, result, name, format etc. Two can be binary, result of adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying numbers hence, not Acaki. Two can also be an agreements and disagreements.

Competition: To gain success, another has to loose and the reverse is also true because all of us appreciate success and recover from failure. Competition creates and enables healthy living, gives more work, and enhances our learning. Failure on the hand, brings realization, retaliation, hardworking. and need to achieve the missing. We work hard because we need to double effort to catch up and equalized.

Conflict: competition from within with the group you belong. It creates isolation, hate, fight etc. Conflict is mostly caused by greed, lack of direction, wrong leadership, resistant and impurity of knowledge about foreseeable futures.

Causes: Acaki in one way is an existent of things. We can assume that nothing exists which will have us think that all things grow, accumulate, formulate, erode etc hence its really nothing of something or the reverse.

Lokang Jackson May 28, 2016

Guides, regulations, commandments, laws etc whatever you define it is just a way we solve problems. They are good because they are stipulated, documented, and are available to us on a ready made form. We can read, use, and translate them to relate, question, and formulate things.

scenario; eggs and chicken: The question is who is old between the two? The answer here depends on our understanding of eggs and chicken. Chicken is older than egg but is that not where chicken comes from anyway and where does chicken comes from? If you ask such question number of times, participants involve gets confused that they change their answer from one to the other depending on time and how they are asked. This is why rules are so important to guide us through such complications. Programmers(computer programmers) are good example to help solve this problems.

scenario 2; Finding GDP of a country: Mathematicians are the immediate people to help solve this problem because they have the logic and know how. You will think that solving that problem is easy. That is true but, it usually depends on your knowledge of finding unknown - imagination and assumptions. The answer to most time is based on number of people and businesses earning in a particular group of people e.g. country, district, state etc. They always missed out on unlawful earnings e.g. handout e.g. criminal money like drugs etc. This are big earning of a country but because they are outside the law we need to assume that they exist because that same money is used for development, doing lawful businesses etc. We also fail at constants of earnings because earning fluctuates from high to low based on situations e.g. out breaks, booms etc. Those are irregular situations hence, most people fail to predict them hence leading to wrong official number to the public.