Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

Do you remember those days when you make one of a kind. Do you remember all the bullets names. I give you another Opobo, pobi.

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

Technicality of people are unassumingly said to come from knowing what around them and try to copy things they

do. Luo tried to copy the bees, ants including bats in how to keep their goods. They have not moved far because they are people who are satisfied easily with little things they have; they are not crazy enough to disagree with each others way of doing things; have not continued on improving what they have. For this reason, most of them remain behind in term of development and all else. They could have done more with knowledge they have and continued on. By now they should have been at same level with Japan and South Korea, but the question we can all ask is, where are they now?

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

One day was really a busy day that a father asked his son called Oyira. "can you add how many of those stuff we have to today", he asked Oyira. "Addi baba", he replied. Before the conversation finished, Oyira mum was getting disturbed by birds on a nearby maize they planted. "Oyira!!!", she called him. "Cel mono winyi gu do Latin", she added. "Acel ki ngo", she replied. The Oyira dad was getting annoyed because he wasn't getting any response from him because he was locked up with his mum. "Iriyo lok keket", dad told oyira mum. "idek ni pe Aor Oyira che", she politely responded. "kom doki raaa ojoneee!", he madly went. The conversion for that day concluded and they all went to sleep. Oyira was the first to wake up and he show a lot of things flying around their compound. "gin adi?", they replied. Dad got out and show them. "gi tye ka ngwene, ngwane kwe", he replied. Somehow they where late that day. Most people in the village had hunted for it. When they heard what the family of Oyira described it, everyone in the village decided we call it ngwen. Every day people we wake up late always gets lest and lest in their container. When oyira heard that he said, "mum abico cion tomorrow". "eno, winyi gu odwoko, bicel mono gin bota", she told Oyira. "Abicel?", he questioned his mum. "Abicello", he added. Wuon Oyira wanted Oyira but their communication with mum kept on going. He was standing and waiting for them to finish. "Wuon Oyira, Ngo ibiro wangi!", she asked. "Abiro wanga ko do min Oyira", he kindly replied. "Ma iyabo wangi ne callo boro", she told him. "ingeyo, kadi akuru/akuro wun pudi/podi atye ka tamo pe ngwen me/mi lawuoro ni", he recalled. Then the next morning, Oyira waked up so early. His parents was looking for him everywhere but could not find him. Then suddenly he came running. "baba, baba, mama", he called them while entering their house. "ngo atin", they worryingly replied."gin me lawuoro ni", he replied. "gi kati ki boro", he added. "gi dwong?", they questioned. "ndoki paaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr", he replied.

Everyday after that they made a joke out of it. They had that slang and whenever they want to talk they use the incident to talk. Below is how they formulated it

Oyira: acel winyi

Wuon Oyira: Ario koni

Min Oyira: Adek loki ne, ka pe akwero

Oyira: angwen keken kubeko

Wuon oyira: Abic keken. Tuora in

Oyira: Abiro wanga koni to

Min Oyira: Aboro keken; weng ki boro acel

Wuon Oyira: Abongwen. Bong gin ka pudi gi tye i boro

Oyira: Apar. Doki par ojonee.

Can you make a game and make it into one word each time your name is called. You are also allowed to call two words next time the game begins and so on. When you fail, say EL, SEL, KEL, TEL, ... after it.

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

Have you ever made a chair without any tool? It is as hard as it sound, but possible. There are two materials needed. Ogali(fibre) and any branch of a tree. Get a GET to make it more simpler because it can twist, bend, turn and so on. Tol Ogali is like a glue when used appropriately. The problem with this type of work is it's life time. It takes roughly half or full year for it to loosen up or break. Ogali also has other uses which is know to most luo people.

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

The worst thing for a dwar abuti for honey is when you get rucu(the pupae). However, it is also a good thing especially when it is during Oro(dry season) and there is no water. After eating that, thirst for water is gone and you have enough energy to move a distant or can to where water is(assuming one is closer by). There is one thing that had never been tried about rucu. Just Imagine that when it one day from hatching, rucu can stay for one or two other days without eating. Then it becomes possible to get enough of them straight into hive so when they hatch, they start work straight away. New family, home, and environment. That would eliminate the old process of making a hive then waiting unknown days for when a colony of bees will come into a hive. It would also be easy to multiply, transfer, and mix colony of bees a hive(s) from one location to another.

Lokang Jackson July 14, 2016

Culture: Luo in general over the years had tried and changed their cultural differences from the rest of the tribes and the reverse is true too. It all started from skin, hair, nails etc. People also tried to get outside of kido to ngweko kom. They used pala and in late 1980s to date(Unassumingly) they used a tree call Odeng. It just make lips yellowish or brownish whatever comes on your side. Its change their kedo and mostly young girls really do like it. I am glade I involve in the process mostly getting it when it gets higher. That now needs a boy to clime to bring it down to them. Their descriptions of it just literally made some boys try it, but of course it was and is not worth a try because you will go through some of your worst days in life. Other people especially matured woman prefer to use mo ya. The difference is that mo ya is used for dry mouth and it help heal and clear off the cracks. Use it, wipe it and that's it.

Art: The art of Luo is mostly done during Christmas season(s) - December in particular. They draw, design walls in different shapes, colours, and some times they do emulate others creatures like birds, animals, fishes etc. This is called ngweko or ngwek, but the picture is call kido but of course implying the commons e.g. lakido, kido ne etc.

Lokang Jackson July 9, 2016

First of all there are so many diseases that are categorically known village wise. Physical harms e.g. wounds, cuts, brushes, breaking etc; pains e.g. head aches, eye ache, ear aches etc, and Psychological sicknesses.

Physical harm: When our body is wide open and we see inside it it worries us and tends often time make us not able to perform duties. Wounds to be covered because of many reasons e.g. external infliction, reinfection etc. Many people a time use rabbit hair, cotton wool etc. This solutions are more dangerous than having the wound itself because it need get remove and removing it causes more harm. It also make the affected person imagine situations like what if wound dries but there remain hair, piece of cotton. Most people however, use materials like Opobo((luo name)Jel), and green peas. Opobo has a slippery liquid inside it. This liquid is extracted and smeared on wound while wet. It dries on the wound and often don't come off till the wound it heal then it falls off. Causing no harm, preventing flies from landing on causing another issue, prevent sharp object like grass and woods from scratching wounds. It is no also affected by water during share and rain if used properly.

Pains: Pains are logically caused by thinking, body effects e.g. on tissues, lack of things e.g. water etc. For this reasons there we need things that can effect us beyond them. Bitter, soar, hot things wherefore, help us stimulate our body system reactivating our immune system. Imagine a situation where you lost appetite in eating. Appetite is a work of our tongue hence we need something that will make it active which will trigger our brain to think that side. Most time people just use pepper. Things that smell good also activates our appetite.

Psychological: Fear, anguish, lack of, prevention from, absenteeism, carelessness are major causes of psychological problems. Boosting confidence and putting in experience to things that creates realisation makes us thinks different, creates calm etc. Guidance, rules etc can also help our psychology if practiced properly and followed considerably.

Omar water(the Thinking): As they saying goes, water is necessity to life. To even situation of high accountabilities to change situations from thirst and hanger of fluid to presiding to well water. It is a dreading problems to society who do have this kind of problems but it is a strong decision of the public to choose well water system to break locks and avoid collision with animals and other biomes. Through that kind of actions, we manoeuvre bad causes and brought in a main solution e.g. catching rain water, building roads and drainages and encouraging use of good sanitary system to promote positive climate change. We all do this to save future of our colonies and build our next world because it is fair and none threatening to all parties involved and because everyone is involved, it becomes familiar problems of high understanding.

Lokang Jackson July 9, 2016

When we want to hunt, we put nets, fire and surround it; when we want to dance, man stand on the outside while on the inside of a circle facing each other; when we want to eat, we put food in the middle and everybody else sit around to have a share; when we have our leader in our midst, we make sure their are security behind him and people in front of him. Valuable objects are found and are said to be in the center of the others e.g min ki wuon(queen and kings) nquen, bee, ants etc. society, governments, country etc have one common and central thing that binds them together for whatever reason. The Luo have one important person that guides, unite, bring peace, teaches etc and that the people they Ruod. Luo do not have a queen leave a lone a name for it I know off. If you do please comment here. The question is why do we encircle(Ruodi). The reasons are providing protection, keeping togetherness, avoiding invasions etc.


Lokang Jackson July 9, 2016

Nyango: Past time or time in a history is called nyango. It somehow happens to be a time that catches many people still sleeping. They mostly asked from the others or consult their watches to find out when is it in the day. For this reason, Nyango is always a missed time but confirmed later in the day.

diceng/dieceng: Transitively, this is mid day 12:00pm. Remember that modern time is measured using clocks, watch on our wrists, phones etc. Traditionally, time was measured by shadow. When shadow aligned to us, we become in the middle of the the sun, it is also a time you are able to see sun a full length, colour, strength etc. It is also however a time people need to rush work because things could get darker, emergencies could come in leaving an finished work extending work to future days. Bad for the society hence let's beat the sun.

otieno: Do you know that the sun have stripes in the afternoon? It is because of its rays and changes in direction and distance of its rays stretches pointing towards or away from us. It looks as though a crushed object and objects powering out of it elusively.

Obwora: When the sun is going down, you do not see it especially when you are living on the eastern side of a undulation. You only see the rays coming out of it hence we call that Obwore. The funny thing though is it happen everyday of the year excluding cloudy days.

Wuor: We have nothing but rather have fear and be mindful of the beasts of the night. Remember that Beasts are things that eats, killed, threatens, invades etc a home people, villages etc. Owuor things are lions, hyena, snakes etc.

P.S: There are things that do not add up for me with modern time based locations, size of Earth, distances on earth from one country to the other etc. What do we measure on the clock that exists on earth, why is it important that the differences between those time are respected. Where do they come from. Take bottom south, top North, West and North does not add up. Actually what is time itself in our daily lives and things around us?

Lokang Jackson July 8, 2016

03/05/2016, we lost one Oryema known famously as Bye Bye. Bye Bye is a South Sudanese. During the war he lived in Khartoum and worked there for years. He then transfer to Ethiopia and finally to Australia. His was the exemplary person for near all generation from as far as 1970 to date. He was an educator, scientist, religious and most of all understand social set of human more than any body I know within and outside all people around me. He is my cousin in reality, but he was the man that I and all the others we thought to step up and work hard to become the like of him. He was ordinary but swift, complex, but calmly close to every one. Because of that he managed to finish his study and graduate with a degree in health science. Though he is religious, he is one of the scientist who believes and disagree with scientist who thinks they know God and therefore challenge and criticise Him. In a short time of living in Australia, he has achieved a lot.

My entire life I have not seen him and I sang about that and asked anybody I know where he is. God willingly, I meet him, greeted him, drove him in my car, talked with him, discussed and a lot more. It is all gone now and a huge gap is left for all of us to fight win. Not easy as it sound rather difficult and takes time to accomplish.

Okello, We shall always miss you.