Lokang Jackson August 26, 2016

Words already exists and that is the easiest part for all of us at this point because all tribes speak and expresses themselves. Our interests are not in the word though, but rather how do they get formed. If rethink alphabet, then words are bunch of letters minced together whatever it actual real meaning is for now. So letters do really form word and so are words to sentence - which is beyond the scope of this article. Let try to pic two letters closely linked and are used interchangeably e.g. K and C and S and C. S and C are problems of their own because they are not actually interchangeably but they are real letters that other tribes missed in their alphabet. Borrowing ideas from language fundamental, K and C are either temperate or food oriented issues.

initial Word Word with K
Word with c
Word with S
1 ongo Kongo Congo Songo
2 Wa Kwa Cwa Swa
3 i ki ci si

If we gather let say fifty(50) tribes and asked all of them to explain what the above words means, there is a probability that a few of them will rime.

Lokang Jackson August 25, 2016

In short, alphabet are symbols however, symbols can be anything. It is what defined society i.e an identity of a society. We also have to remember that society is numbers of communities and in Africa that is tribes and ethnics. In the two there are many divisions that makes it difficult to find a single identity for all. When situations turn this way, we take the the commonly used and mostly important e.g. Cua, Task(lak Liech), and Lango and common in Luo. To make that a reality, we need to defined identity of society - what the above represent in terms of culture, religion, people and ideas or quest for unknown. Culturally, drum and OLOTO are common hence, the letter that represent e.g. entertainment, dance, music should come from combination or one of the two because culture is actually three or more of the above. If culture means religion, let say, religion is a believe or constant quest of that we know yet seems too far from us. We therefore, will now want to find out how many tribes know the word religion and what does it translate to them? Imagine it is called Lega, but can we see, lega? No!? but know what it represents wherefore, the symbol becomes that what is we know e.g. represent a man who ones fought or defended entire society from disaster, out break etc. What do he do that time, what did he say, what did he look like what did he like? That is based on what we already know. What if it means reflection of ourselves?

Alphabets are also written during time of transition - a change of life from one thing to another e.g Farmers decided to work on machenic, fisher man decided to become politician, lecturer decided to become a community developer. We now need to look deep into say hundred(s) or thousand(s) of years a head and behind and put in place a symbol that will stand between this time because we want to keep what we do now constant and should mean exactly what we mean now and then.

Lokang Jackson August 23, 2016

If there is one thing we all need to appreciate about God, then it is how created us same while on the same note created us different. We are talking about language. We differ from each other in terms of how we question our position on this planet against each other. The closer we originally together, we becomes same and so does the opposite. Our differences are also influence by temperature and Food - extreme cold and extreme hot and bitter, soar, and sweet food effects a lot. How doe this affect language then? Our tongue is the center for verbal speech. This creates favours ways we pronounce word specifically letters.


Home: Let's take it deeper. Letter H is opposed in other tribes for that reason, they alternatively chooses another whenever H is use at the beginning and rarely inside word. Other tribes choose K for H that makes Home becomes Kome. There are tribes that do not appreciate K therefore, they use R replacing first letter with Rome.

Meanings: Now, pronunciations are different from what the first tribe has pronounced. Entire meaning becomes totally different to all the three tribes.

home: is residential.

Kome: Refers to self, but not all tribes pronunciation sound same. Others might pronounce it Komi here we have another meaning.

Rome: Meaning enough for s/he, them etc. Same word also means a place of resident making it reversible. Here we have two different word closely having same meaning, but does place of resident means where I, you, she, he, they, them etc lives?

In the end, language has words, but what it carries with it makes a culture. Culture is an identity of group of people in a locality. With it comes living standard, society, Religion, technology, system etc. All people speak through sign, vision, hearing, touch etc.


Lokang Jackson August 22, 2016

Anything that logically reacts with a part of another is called a chip. Our brain is where information is stored, but it is not the source of information. Our blood, muscles, nerves, glands are sources of information in our body. Trigger to release information in our body depends on the active, sensitive, responsive part of our body. Our muscle does not respond most time but effect in our blood system does. Our blood has DNA which is sensitive to things outside our body e.g. temperature, Immunity etc. It is true that if we can make some thing that has temperature in it, it reacts to our body with then affect our size, height, age etc. It either reduce or increase number of our DNA making our body less or higher than the original.

Lokang Jackson August 22, 2016

Translation and interpretation: True meaning of language is either found in its translation or interpretation.

Welcome: It means come in, accepted, enter etc, but it also means price, swell to different race of people.

Task: It is an assignment but it is also and treasure, ivory, ear rings, finger rings etc. What if you speak another language, that means you are likely to have another word for same thing that means something in another language etc.

Spellings and sounds

Mota, motor, mortar: All the Three words sound equal but absolutely have different meanings irrespective of your language and your race

Interpretation: By now, me and you would agree that all languages are initially same but expanded differently. Having said that, we can also agree that slang is and extension to our languages.

  1. Water
    1. Flowing, drinkable, edible liquid that have a source e.g. river, lakes, creeks etc
    2. Conversion, agreement, assignment to take, transfer, or move thing(s) from one place to another.
  2. Iture
    1. Breaking, flashing, ngade etc but it also means another thing in South Sudan
  3. Iokubek
    1. Deceived, galipo, afraid etc


Lokang Jackson August 22, 2016

Truth be said, every race(Europeans, Africans, Asians,Pacifians, Arabians, Siberians) have religion. What differentiate them is their definitions, logic, perceptions, availability or what things are present in their locality. Africa is the most confused one with few tribes having true religion because they tend to adopt from other race more superior them theirs. Religion formation is nearly same because it is all about culture and what is the most respected being. Now you also need to know that other religions obey objects. They are not different to ours(whoever you are with) because that is what affects them. When you insult, misused, add or subtract meanings, looks or size, the people who are attached to it becomes socially affected mentally, spiritually or socially becomes disorganised. It could create more dangerous things like war, bad competitions etc. Can Africa build a church or cathedral? How will it look like and how will it be represented to African and the entire world for it to be accepted?

Lokang Jackson August 22, 2016

have anyone ever tried to calculate, measure, or find out the farthest, shortest, or total area around Africa? Just imagine we were like bees able to pollinate, carry goodies from any country, Bunga, area, region of Africa to bring use in anywhere they are in. Imagine discovering where in East Africa is loom soil - a soil so fertile for our crops e.g nyanya, cua, pul, gwuana etc. what impact would that make any way to making it good and advantages in your own place - where you are in.

luo culture

Lokang Jackson August 20, 2016
luo culture

If you have anything cultural, historical, educational, artifact and Luo original, Lokang will buy the full license and keep and become a source of distribution and supply to remind, reeducate and produce and have a standard agreement between you, you company, business, work. We have come to far at this point in time, there is need to reflect so we can go back slowly. Contact me if you do have any of the above. Why waste while we can use and both gain from each other.

Condition: You must be a Luo or an African. No foreign work accepted.

Lokang Jackson August 16, 2016

Idi Amin Dada was and is still the most Pan of all time. A man who have dream to care for his people and fight whatever whoever seems enemy. He however was successful in making local know that, he can help, protect, and defend them even those who help them get what he wanted(presidency). There are things he failed to acknowledge, helping those who uplifted him, maintaining relationship with those that help him and teaching the Indians lesson two. The Indians needed to know that they are the closes friends and like of Africa so there help, support and collaboration is needed by Africans at all time. Instead he continued to fight everybody else. At the end, he lost miserably.

Lokang Jackson August 16, 2016

If there are people on this earth that can change their name for a favor, lead through woman, so scared to stand up, and are an able to face things, they are the Tokeri people. You tell them to do same thing for the next fifty years and say that is what you get everything you need, they will only say yes without questioning. They share a town with about three other tribe but have not done much for the last decades. Even those we have been in wars throughout that time are still at a good position in terms of development compared to them. They have been making cement for the last three or so decades and have not question what cement is. Really Lotoke, do you not know what happens to the holes you dug since then. Have you not question what might happen or how you can use those to your advantage?