Lokang Jackson August 29, 2016

The time is year 2035. Europe need to resettle the global affairs. The search for a new beginning has begun. Warsaw as a capital city has enough at hand. London as the oldest known administrator agreed to offer her support but with the help of Parish. Italy also decided to join in on the side line. Moscow is under severe threat from what is on development from the three colonies. Berlin now has to calm the situation but only if there is need for development and both sides will stand together. That was a shock wave to Beijing and Tokyo. The world is on its way to a turmoil. Empires of the world(Israelis, Romans and Greeks) must come in while opportunity still exist. As time pass by, it is 18/08/2019, Israel as home of the smallest but managed to hold the whole world organised what was known as BOKE(Bodies of known Empires). It was successful! That gave light to the world. Asians where on the landslide. The most experienced originals of Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea must come together to counter both the empires and Europeans power. Europe now, has a new front to tackle. On 19.9.2019, Munich decided to offer what was known as GEA(Guardians of Europe and her Allies). Siberia appeared on the weak so now they need Asians, but there was no ideas. 7/5/2029, the world body is formed while Oyo appear at the sideline. The world remembers and Oyo was asked to do what they do best(What should we do?). We are forgotten! Oyo had to put in an inquest African Capital city - Dodoma. "We need a new race, New battle", replied DODOMA. Gulu wanted to be city this time because their arquement was that this is the third time they have done that so they be given the City. The world body encouragement to them was that it is always a team work. Africa had what was call FAGS(Sport of the Future). Central, North, South and west Africa agreed on the capital city, but wanted west Africa to hold commercial, South African for culture and Libya as head of African defense and central Africa as innovation of Africa while Kenya becomes the big apple of Africa. All was good. As they discussion went on, there was new coming in that India and Bangladesh are on under ground continental negotiation. Anyway, it was not that important because the new race, new battle idea is still on the table and not exhausted. By the year 2034 Parish and Munich offered their version of sport and the battle ground became Antarctica. Moscow was not buying into that, they needed Greenland because it is close to home. On their dismay, Greenland is already the new Europe so they have to abide by the world rule. Africa, Asia, Europe, and Deism came to a conclusion that it be Antarctica. Later Moscow gave in their answer seconding Antarctica. 2035 the world bodies sat on one table discussion security of the world under the watch of the big brothers.

Lokang Jackson August 28, 2016

Bunga: We do not need to use to old age ideas to pursue our security and understand our environment and keep it safe. The world around us has evolve and so we need to play safe and logical. The idea is use less effort but gain big. What is easy today according to me is to adopt Camera system. There are all types of Camera available in the market that withstand whether and just gather data and information from a safe location. When needed you deploy task force or field workers to where there are problems. Imagine Uganda as poor as it is and as low as it is in terms of developement, social orientation and cultural division can manage to channel fuel pipe line from Western part of its country to the farthest East of Tanzania. That same trick can be use to wire our jungles and just have teams of in house, on air and on food to collect, monitor and guide the security of Bunga.

Water: Africa is large in term of land area and is blessed with both fresh water on the interior and the seas and Oceans around it. Those are our(African) resources, but are worthless without nurturing them. We need to make sure their is balance of use, knowledge about their activities and dangers they posses. What do we do with African deserts and Jungles borders me more than anything else.

Cities: I am not worried about city criminal activities at all. I have an in and out knowledge of its operation, but I am worried about system set for a city and who is in and out and who is where and why. We can use Modern technology like camera, but Africa is protected by its system - socialism.

Lokang Jackson August 27, 2016

Is an alternative to noun. Pronounce in other word a adjective of nouns in general. Grouping things as a single entity and calling them one name. One people are in a group, it is difficult to know all of them by their names in this case they are categorised in groups of gender e.g. she/he and number e.g. they, them, it, us, That, these, those, this, all.

Pronounce Luo singular(Aciel)
Luo Plural(Ma dwong)
she Anyaka Anyira
he Awobi Awobe
they Gin(Under development) gin duc
them Jo(Under development) Ji
it gini

Us wan
That ca ni cage ni
these ego ni ego gi
those cage ni
this eni ene ni
All Weng

NOTE: Under development

Traditionally everything(Magwi ne) are named according to behavior, appearance, sounds, color, walk/movement, reactions etc. Let's find out why Puk/Tortoise(word), Opuk(noun), Opuki(exiting) and Okuto/thorn names has become so. There are two major categories of Opuk namely Land Tortoise(Opuk Ra) and Water Tortoise(Opuk Okulo). The Luo in general have chosen Opuk as a name just because they are always exiting from either water or jungle. They however, have a slang for them too - Oger. Ger was a challenging word chosen to in other word say, "they cannot build". Whenever they see Opuk, they caution them, "Build!?". It is another same as when you walk with your pet, you speak to like a human for that reason the Luo have ever been cautioning the exiter to one day build but it has never been so up to date. Okuto is however, named after its effect. When you get pierced by a thorn, whether you remove it or not, it bleeds, but after a while it closes then begins to swell and that is when the actual pain begins. There are so many types of Okuto e.g. Lango, Lacaro etc. Lacaro is the type that all should be able to see and be aware off because of their size and colour. If you are hit by it, you are possibly careless.

Lokang Jackson August 27, 2016

We can agree by now that letters do not make words, but segmenting letters make us have meaningful words. Linguistical disabilities and abilities creates differences in our way of communicating information in spite of meanings. When you speak languages, you are probably going to have an ease in learning a new one because all tricks are same, but syllables makes the situation a little different. Attachment and availability things e.g. food, trees, animals, unusual things we are used to doing allow us use it often and that is our nature. Other people prefers to use Th, au, ph, f, i at the end or beginning of a word and that totally their choice as long as that is what makes them happy and keep them at peace. Why border about it and so are they. Don't get confuse because syllable is so close to pronunciation.

Example 1 Au or Ou

Otto: 2 syllables; ot and to

Outhow: 3 syllables; Ou, tho, ow

example 2 th and i

Ariet: 2 syllables; A and riet

Arieth: 3 syllables; A, Rie and th

Arieti(ariet i): 4 syllables; A, rie, ti, i. The confusion here is that other tribes will say rieti while others will say Riet i(with an ie sound)

example 3 w and i

Opio: 2 syllables; opi, io(the two syllables are hardly noticed because it does not end on i but rather makes it a bridge)

Ophiew: 3 syllables; O, phi(similar to an f sound), ew(e u(eiu) sound)

example 5

Nyalupa: 3 syllables; nya, lu and pa

Nyilubai: 4 syllables; nyi, lu, ba and i

nyingeyotayotato: 7 syllables; nyi, nge, yo, a, yo, ta, to

Lokang Jackson August 27, 2016

We describe what we see, feel, think or hear in a way that matches it. Sometimes we do that for fun, other times because it makes us angry or excited whatever the case may be it at least represents something.

word description
1 Slowly walking
Ciluk ciluk, Chiluk, Chiluk, Shiluk, shiluk
2 Purely clean
pili pili
3 gloomy face ngwaki
4 slowly ndol ndol
5 hardly wing wing
6 laughable Mak Nyero
7 continues laughing Ying ying
8 passer by(kato) Tila, Tila
9 sloppier drinker Mbel Mbel

Lokang Jackson August 27, 2016

Every(Ma Gwi) tribe have a special letter beginning or end of word they used often compared to others e.g. O, A, I, Lo, N, M. TH, PH is and Y, I are letters that confuses at all time. Y and i are often either doubled or used separately in words. Putting special letters at beginning of words clearly alter the meaning making it trade mark of that tribe.

Kato Bura pio riek
O Okato Obura Opio Oriek
A Akato Abura Apio Ariek
I ikato ibura ipio iriek
Lo Lokato lobura lopia lorieko
N Nkato Nbura Npio Nriek
M Mkato Mbura Mpio Mriek
TH Katoth Burath Pioth thriek
PH pHio, pHiow, phiew
Y Yako yura yio yiek

Lokang Jackson August 26, 2016

To understand our weaknesses, we need to compare ourselves to central and North America. African jungles are full of researchers from countries all over the world because the state governments runs cheap governments. I mean $10,000,000 can bribe one and can blindly give the entire country any trigger moron do whatever they want in our continent without analyzing risks and consequences. I tell you this, no money(Million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, gazillion) not even a bank should have enough money to influence us but reasons should. This people are not going back because the other reasons could they are fleeing, are criminals in their own country/continent, want start their own next family empire, doing, illegal businesses. What we need to do is renegotiate terms with them. Employee professionals to handle those issues, let journalists in to document and police to investigate matters. The other primitive way of course to go into wars. I tell you, you have already lost that war. Other continents have powerful and strength weapons than we do but logic is powerful than any weapon you ever think the Acholi people say, "Rieko loyo kom tek". Meaning some time using your mind can solve all thing than using battle.

Lokang Jackson August 26, 2016

Believed me or not, there are four(4) continents of originals that have upto date maintain their fight against supremacy of their territory, control their culture, have their religion and that is Europe, Siberia, Asia and Africa. The others have limited power on their land, culture, security, people just name them. For Africa to compete with them, first we need to know what they have, how they develop it, where they are now and then etc. Europe and Siberia is what I call the white continent, Asia is of course of Asians and Africa for African. The white continent have been playing smart because they are able to accept imperial, supremacy, cultural failed leader i.e. if one of them seem to provide what is necessary at the time, they all fall behind and follow that eliminate death while keep them growing especially the white continent. That is also one of the reasons why their power and authority can be seen globally. As and African, I don't wanna be a global player rather an African player wherever i am and in whatever I do. In the old days it was call African Spirit now it is becoming a PAN which is also a good thing personally. How then do we compete with these people. Some of the reasons are above, but ideally we just need cooperation with them in other words please do understand us and respect our values and so we will do it unto you.

Lokang Jackson August 26, 2016

Quite people normally have such strong wording meaning more consonants than vowels. Loud people depends on ascents i.e they want to sound but hide their meaning while its the opposite on the other side. Talking about the Africans big two tribes - the Bantu and Nilotic in general, The bantu used consonants often than the Nilotic and trust me, when they Nilotic speak, you can hear it as far as 5km away. Both Bantu and Nilotic are highlands and lowlands and are both not based on few tribes inside each of them. Having say that, other Bantu tribes pronounce and behave more like Nilotic and so are the Nilotic to Bantu. Below are some words:-

Word Bantu Nilotic
be Mbe Ber
oto otto otoo
dong Ndong dong
bote Mbote bote

Words used in the example above do not take in meanings