5497 XL

August 4, 2016

By the year 5497 XL, there shall be 9 strategic capitals of the world and 9 races of people, Europeans, Americans, Pacifians, Asians, Africans and 4 Extreme world out of our world. Sea lives would have joined the land lives and the birds. Leaders of multiple lives e.g. penguins, bats, beavers, and crocodiles had adopted new defensive tactic to fend off their enemy and be able to convince other colonies to collaborate with them. Human beings upgraded and can see beyond our world and extreme world with their necked eyes. They would be able to know what is happening where and when and are able to cease their personal life at a time and revive on their needs at a time in a place. The distance between Extreme world top to Extreme world bottom world would have had take them 10 days on flight to reach. Our flihgts produces same energy we get from sun, evaporating energy and plants energy. Making our life none changing on leaving one location to reaching another location.