5497 NB

December 4, 2016

There are so many ways to look at nilotic people of Africa. The easy way for us all to understand and know is to date back to history of Africa of then. Africa has two main ethnic majorities Nilotic and Bantu to name them. All originally immigrated from DRC - ACWER of Africa as had been nirated, told, documented and remembered. Forget that there are millions Africans inside and outside Africa today, but remember that there was a mother and father, one or two or handful of Africa at its initial. These were family of some sort or whatever cross your mind and out of them came the many including you(sorry for those who are not but reading). The world might have existed well before these freaks, but because of the best that they were came the good that existed today. If nothing to appreciate at your immediate or surrounding, you have you and the ones around you. Two people culture equates to misrable life style, but people obsorbs the best and some time the worst of each other hence the rebirths of cultures that merges and transfromed to that has become the Africa of today. Try your best to tell yourself what tourism industry long to tell the tourists. Don't you think what you told is going to be told at some destination anyways? Then some how in our right mind we could conclude that other people had told theirs too and that added to what is now the African culture. Do not forget that Africa is so large that if you have to travel through it, you will think, obsorb, learn, or see so much that your mind or perception changes at the end of it all or you might mindfully become a different person all together. The major problems that the freaks face is the logical missunderstanding of each other and could be our ability to do that we do or pasts that are told in ways that hinder the goods in them. Have you thought why some are farmers, fisherman, hunters? If you haven't, why not take a strol and ask them why they are so? The other great way to look at ethnicity, tribes, clans or lineage is the way they are formed. Evidence tells us that it is either war, search(water, food, knowledge, people, answers) or just rivalry e.g. Labongo and Nyipir. Either Nilotic or Bantu, there failure is in strengthing their weaknesses for all that it is and were.

Nilotic and Bantu shall never be one because majority of them are in the west and Nilotic are in the East. For this reasons we need to renegotiate our terms of competitions because we really will not sit on same table and discuss things without chaos. Luo and Ateker verse Abantu and Santu African wide to bring up the renewal to AUGFAGCAG. Thank you and be blessed.