10 days - Colonialists

December 2, 2016

Joint chief of staff

After their findings, the chief of staff came with conclusion of disagreement because their views represent 2 worlds-world not similar. No chief of staff want to play an inferior or under rule of the other it brings same to families and team at work. The only way it could be done without problem i.e. paying definite attention to existing problem is to avert situations and lower temper of the people.


After their initial joint chief of staff, they encountered aliens who are superior to them. Triggered emotions and sense of loosing the war. There were also floating phantom requiring right decisions and power humanity to propel optimisms and withdraw mists off our wind screens at places of that kind.


The aliens where many and overwhelmed the joint chief of staff, researchers and manoeuvrability became a major problem. All had to find their ways out even at such extreme conditions.


Labuki as head of joint chief of staff team decided they smoke the freaks off. It was a helpful move and supported in their team however, it was causing some minor problems. We found out aliens can leave under all conditions so it only affect the researchers and joint chief of staff themselves. Labuki have extreme believe in smoking the freak out and it remain their own solution.


Ihure an experienced researcher with extremely long history knows all it takes to hoo and bring in aliens to her corner. With proper communications skills and less knowledge to aliens language, she sweet talked them in and orient their views of their world with the deficients.


These triggered bad emotions between the teams hence all decided to part their ways. Labuki is a smart individual but extremely aggressive and self reliance however, Ihure is a team player and do know all facets of situations. She is sift, flexible, react at due cause and has no plans yet can do without help and offer dear necessity to her team. The aggressive nature of Labuki plays drives the future and energy to Ihure.


Out of it came a culture for the future and formation of our democracy, empowerment, society, and development for next relationship. Expect chaos and fights at all time and be alert because territories had been occupied and teams might regroup and advance an attack or be tested for resitance.